Brian Wood’s “Star Wars”

Brian Wood’s Star Wars series is excellent. Only 3 issues in and I love it. (Issue 4 coming out soon) Taking place in between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, the series truly captures the feel of the original trilogy and has actually made me remember what I loved about it as a kid (which is Wood’s intent with the series). Now that LucasFilm and Marvel are under the Disney roof, Marvel is most likely getting the rights to the SW comics starting next year. Taking it from Dark Horse Comics, who has done more for Star Wars in the last 20 years than George Lucas has and I’m afraid this awesome series will come to an end and we’ll get some piece of crap tie-in to Disney’s Star Wars. One shining bit of hope is that Wood recently signed a new contract extending his run on the series until issue 20. Hopefully if it does well enough it will keep going with this wonderful writer even if it does switch over to Marvel. Buy these outstanding comics, simply titled “Star Wars” at any local comic shop or online if one is not available.

That is all.


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