Sunday, being my only day off, usually consists of me cramming in a trip to the movies, errands, doing freelance design work, doing work for teaching, catching up on the DVR or my Netflix queue or whatever…
Possibly a nap gets thrown into the mix, but usually Sunday isn’t a day for rest, even if what I’m doing is fun or simple.

Today was an especially beautiful day. I decided to watch a movie I rented, but that would be all I’d do inside while the sun was shining. I picked up some sandwiches-to-go from a local place and spent the rest of the day with my girlfriend. Hanging out on the deck with our laptops was exactly the kind of 21st century chillaxin’ I needed. Unfortunately while I was able to hang out downloading music, surfing the web and playing Portal 2, she had to grade papers, write up lesson plans and do grad work. It was still way too nice out for her workload to ruin the mood. It was great just hanging outside, enjoying lunch, the weather and each others company. We completely lost track of time too. After about 4 hours we called it quits and decided to go inside. I did some reading and minimal (recreational) design work and just relaxed. I even tried to squeeze in an errand or two. A part of my brain trying to make me do something productive, but gladly, the girlfriend said no and we spent the evening being potatoes.

Sometimes I feel guilty for just sitting around doing nothing on Sundays, but then I remember I work 6 days a week and I realize I’m being dumb. I also realize that many people will not give a crap about anything I just posted. This usually doesn’t stop me from writing, but I’m also not doing this to bore anyone, so I apologize if I have done just that…oh wait, no I don’t. A new friend told me I should write this down anyway, being that I was feeling unfulfilled about not writing today and I do feel more complete. So glad I met them this week.

That’s about it. Beautiful day. Living in the hustle and bustle of the northeast can make it easy to forget to just chill out and enjoy each moment as it comes and NOT feel guilty about doing nothing. So when you get a chance, you should do just that. Relax and don’t have a care. It makes going to work on Monday a bit easier.


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