The Ghastly Love of Johnny X

Writer/Director Paul Bunnell presents his pet project. A truly mad concoction, blending 1950s juvenile delinquents, sci-fi melodrama, song-and-dance, and a touch of horror, into one ridiculous spectacle. The story involves Jonathan Xavier and his devoted misfit gang who, have been exiled to Earth from the far reaches of outer space. Johnny’s X-girlfriend Bliss has left him and stolen his Resurrection Suit, a cosmic, mind-bending uniform that gives the owner power over others.

Think The Rocky Horror Picture Show scrambled around with Plan 9 From Outer Space and you’re almost there.

As a fan of the goofy 50’s sci-fi flicks, I’m definitely interested, but I can’t say for certain it’ll actually be any good. I’ve read a few quick reviews ranging from absolute love to utter disgust. It should be noted that Johnny X is the lowest grossing movie of 2012. According to Box Office Mojo it only made $117 during its one week theatrical run and only made around $300 in it’s limited run. Now to be fair most of the screenings were done at film festivals and “pay what you want” shows so there was never much hope for it to rake in the dough, but perhaps the DVD/Bluray rental/purchase numbers will go up to pay off some of the $2 million budget…maybe…

I have to commend the guy for getting it made, and even including some well known faces in the cast.
Also check out the posters and website for the film, some of the coolest stuff I’ve seen in a while.

Also an extra little fun fact: Paul Bunnell scrambled to purchase the remaining EASTMAN PLUS-X Negative Film 5231 from Kodak shortly after it had been discontinued, making this the last feature to be shot with their fine grain black and white stock, which makes for a beautiful presentation. I hope it was worth it. Definitely gonna review this one as soon as I can get my hands on it.


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