Beware the Batman!

The only thing that I really like about this is that they’re using only villains that have never been used in animation before. While that cuts out every famous (and some lesser known) villain(s) it gives them a chance to focus on some very cool new characters like Prof. Pyg rather than re-hashing the Joker, Tw0-Face, Poison Ivy and so many others for the hundredth time. Aside from that, they’ve cut out Robin (for now) and changed the sidekick Katana, a member of the Outsiders, they made Alfred much younger and a crime-fighter in his own right and of course I’m not a fan of the animation. As of now the cons outweigh the pros, but if the writing is good then of course I’m gonna watch this…’cause it’s Batman. He’s been my favorite since I was 4 years old. Hopefully this doesn’t suck as much as The Batman did.


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