Don’t Go To The Reunion

Since hearing about Slasher Studios’ Don’t Go to the Reunion, I’ve been eagerly awaiting its release. As many of you know I am not a only a huge movie buff, but probably one of the biggest horror geeks ever. So when I learned about this movie through Twitter and Facebook, I knew it was something I had to get my hands on. Don’t Go to the Reunion is a true labor of love in every sense. It’s clear from the opening moments that everyone involved loves horror films, specifically the “slasher” sub-genre.

The plot is standard 80’s style slasher fare: It’s 2004 and Scott, a horror movie fanatic and resident geek at his high school, is constantly picked on by the popular kids. A mean prank leading him to believe he’ll be getting a date with his long-time crush (of course) goes terribly wrong and his life seems ruined. Jump ahead ten years and the gang is gearing up for their class reunion. This leads them to a gathering at an old house in their hometown, but something seems off right from the start. Could Scott be planning his revenge?

This was a fun little movie that referenced so many classic and nearly-unknown slasher flicks that they did the almost impossible: they out-geeked me. Certain references or homages I picked up on instantly but then a few, that may have felt familiar, were then spelled out for the audience and I had more than one “Oh yeahhhh” moment. I had a lot of fun watching this. It did exactly what it was meant to. It had a good balance of scares and humor. I was hoping for a more of a Prom Night, Slaughter High (one of the many films referenced) or even a Cutting Class vibe, but it didn’t really go in that direction. So even though that’s what I sat down expecting, I’ll praise them for not playing it safe. At a run time of 75 minutes the pacing moves quickly without much chance of boring anyone and getting right to the good stuff. So if you’re tired of sequels, prequels and remakes check this out and let it take you back to the heyday of slashers. Horror buffs will love this movie and I will definitely be recommending it to the ones I personally know and to whoever stumbles upon this review.

For a movie made for approximately $18,000 the writing, direction, acting, cinematography and gore effects could have been much weaker, but all were at least decent, especially for being director Steve Goltz and Slasher Studios’ first full feature.  If they keep growing and are able to get a bigger budget for their following projects, I think we’ll start to see some really great horror flicks from them in the future and I will be waiting anxiously.

I gotta give this movie it’s deserving and genre-appropriate rating: B

Don’t Go to the Reunion is now available for pre-order at and releases Tuesday, August 20th. The dvd comes with some neat goodies, including an awesome 80’s style mini-poster by cover contest runner-up Jeff Quick.

Special thanks to screenwriter Kevin Sommerfield for allowing me to see and review the movie before its release. I had a great time with it.

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