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The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse

Being familiar with “The Living Corpse” comic book I was interested in checking this out. I thought an R-rated animated flick based on the comic would be a great addition to the property if done right. Key words being “if done right.” Now, not being an insane fan who knows all the ins and outs of the books I really wasn’t sure how close this was sticking to the source material. I figured I’d enjoy it anyway because I love comic books and have been a zombie fanatic since I was but a young horror geek.

The story starts out like this: During the start of the zombie apocalypse a man named John Romero (cute reference…) is resurrected and while attacking his old neighborhood with the zombie horde he miraculously regains his former personality and stops himself from eating his own son. He runs away to avoid being killed (again) by a S.W.A.T. team that’s storming into the houses. He ends up seeking out information in the underworld while his son is whisked away to a boarding school. Then there’s a mishmosh of ideas and plot points thrown around, but nothing ever really comes together, nothing is explained well, especially a random time jump of 15 years in the middle of the film. There’s boarding school bullies, mad scientists and monkey-demons with worm-y snot tendrils and it’s all very dull and boring. I had a very hard time getting through this movie that’s under 90 minutes and I’ve sat through some real clunkers.

One of my biggest complaints is the animation. It pays homage to the great comic book artwork, which I knew quite well, but being a low-budget computer animated film it far from captures the quality. In fact the whole thing looks like a cut-scene from the days of the original Playstation. It’s very disappointing. On top of that the voice acting is sub-par and matching it up with poor animation just added to this disjointed film. This movie would have been serviced much better by some dark and moody 2-D animation. I really wanted to get into this movie, but I just couldn’t. This movie is like a one of the misfit toys. It doesn’t really belong anywhere. The animation and dialogue isn’t mature enough to captivate adults, but it’s a little too bloody and horror-centric to be good for small kids. Maybe it’ll appeal to some Hot Topic teens.

A decent example that this film could’ve looked to is Mike Mignola’s The Amazing Screw-On Head. While not the greatest piece of Mignola’s work to be adapted, it’s a solid dark and creepy, 2-D animated short film that completely captures his art style and was made on a small budget with good actors voicing the characters.

I recommend skipping this one, unless you are a huge fan of “The Living Corpse” comic. There are much better horror-comic films and zombie movies to spend your time on.