Haunted [Comic Book Review]

Well! Before I get into the review I want to say a few things. It’s good to be back here on my blog. It’s been a crazy couple of months. I started a new (and very time consuming) job and I’ve been pretty much only had time to write reviews for horror films and the few that I’ve done recently are over at http://www.horror-movies.ca, which as I stated at the end of last year I’ve been writing for and it’s been fun. As always, thanks for reading. This is just a hobby, but I love it and I love that I’ve been able to reach out to more than just friends and relatives who read my stuff out of kindness. ON TO THE REVIEW.comics-haunted-1


This week a new horror comic mini-series premiered with its first of four issues. Published by a tiny, independent company Red 5 Comics (somehow a Star Wars reference even snuck into this review on May the 4th), Haunted tells the story of a young New Jersey woman making her way through a post-apocalyptic world over-run by ghosts, spirits, demons and monsters. The entire Earth has become haunted. In an alternate time-line, after the famed Large Hadron Collider outside of Geneva, Switzerland is switched on it rips apart the very fabric of our universe and allows for the spirit world to cross over into ours. I love when horror, fantasy and sci-fi interact seamlessly and the touch of real-world science left a good taste in my mouth.

Our protagonist, Sarah McAllister, lives in Atlantic City, NJ; abandoned for the last 13 years since the ghost world took over. Orphaned for years, Sarah fights off the ghosts, “Shriekers”, and tries to survive with what’s left of civilization. She meets two other survivors that claim to hold the secret to ending this haunted world. Can she trust them? Do they really have a plan for ending the horrors that surround them? Being that the series will be only running for 4 issues (as of now), I’m assuming these questions and many others will be answered quickly. As for this first issue, most of the writing is from the point of Sarah’s inner thoughts. We get a lot of background information which helps. The actual conversations are minimal, but help move the plot along as our introduction this world gets fleshed out. Solid exposition that doesn’t feel long-winded and unnecessary. I’m very interested in where this book will take us. We’ve already seen haunted NJ and NYC and just a taste of Paris, France. Hope to see other locales turned on their head.

The book itself showcases many end of the world themes that we’ve seen a thousand times over: Dodging the enemy, searching for food and supplies, allowing yourself to trust and rely on strangers and so on. If you are one that’s easily bored by these general themes that really have been over used, you may want to skip this, but I will say that the supernatural stuff is full of creepy fun and if you’re a fan of that check this out. It’s a strange mix of The Walking Dead, Twilight Zone and Ghostbusters and it’s pretty kick-ass. Any fan of horror and/or sci-fi should enjoy this.

The creative team of Scott Chitwood and Danny Luckert is a solid one and if Haunted plays out as well as I hope it does, I’d love to see more from them in the future; either working together or on separate projects.

Haunted is available wherever comics are sold and if you’re local shop isn’t carrying it make them order it or find it online. I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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